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According to this Reuters article, Study Links 45,000 U.S. Deaths To Lack of Insurance.

That’s unbelievable! Are you one of the millions of Americans who are uninsured and at risk? Take this poll and let your voice be heard:

If you’re ready to learn what you can do next time you find yourself with “Mr. Oh So Wrong,” read on.bad-date

Scenario 1: You’re on a date at an elegant restaurant with an absolutely gorgeous man. You may be thinking, how could this possibly be bad? Read the rest of this entry »


I have a question to ask; first let me set up the scenario:

Two young couples go on vacation to Mexico for 7 days. The girls are best friends and the guys are their boyfriends. They are having a great time meeting new people, partying, sightseeing, laying on the beach, etc.

On the very last day of their visit, there is a huge beach party for the hotel guests. Everyone is intoxicated, dancing around the bonfire, swimming in the ocean and just enjoying their last day in paradise.

One of the girls, from the couples, gets so drunk that she can’t even Read the rest of this entry »



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Michael Jackson had so many amazing songs and videos that it’s no wonder they couldn’t fit them all into his new movie This Is It.

Remember The Time is one of my favorite MJ songs and videos.  Tell me yours!

What’s your favorite?


Michael Jackson has physically passed away but his spirit lives on and will continue to forever change lives through each of us.

MJ This Is It

Whether you are a die-hard MJ fan, a critic, or caught somewhere in between, you have never really and truly known the man behind the music until Read the rest of this entry »


  • Aricca Says: You know how that can be sometimes, most people drink way beyond what they think they can handle. And when you're at a club/party sometimes your frien
  • Aricca Says: When young women are in their drunken stupor they are not receptive to much of anything except for the feelings that come along with the liquor. In a
  • Leslie M: I agree they're both responsible. First of all, you don't go from sober to crazy drunk in one drink. Why didn't she, her boyfriend or her best frien